Booking prices

The bed packages show the MAXIMUM number of people allowed per bed.
The VIP POOL, DECK, VIP DECK & SUPER VIP SQUARE BED have a minimum spend on Saturday only which are additional to the bed price and must be paid to the reception upon arrival. From July 1st – August 12th the VIP POOL bed has an additional minimum spend every day.
The bed packages are for the beds only, food and drink is additional to the bed cost.

Prepaid reservations are valid until 4pm.

– No outside food or drinks will be allowed in;
– Clients cannot leave with bottles;
– We do not allow fancy dress, body glitter, face gems, hen party accessories, any sexually explicit swimwear/clothing or with sexual connotations;
– Tanning lotions containing carotene and tints are not allowed in the property;

– Clients must enter & leave the premises with clothing;


If you want to book more than 1 bed please email the reference numbers to to ensure beds are located next to each other.


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Available payment methods

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